Anarchist Network Newsletter, 1988-1993

Header of Anarchist Network Newsletter. Artist unknown?

Uploaded as part of the Anarchism in Australia project.

The following files represent approximately 40 issues of Anarchist Network Newsletter that were published in Melbourne between 1988 and 1991 1993.

ANN was published approximately monthly, but there are some gaps. It is unclear whether there are still issues of ANN missing from the scans below, or whether these represent months where the newsletter collective didn’t publish. The owner of the collection that these are scanned from believes it is complete.

The content and length of issues varies. Some are little more than a list of upcoming events and a cartoon, others contain multiple letters, proposals, debates and news reports.

Some of the scanned pages are incorrectly oriented. Mostly this was my fault when scanning. I might get around to fixing this at some point.

Thank you to comrades who have provided access to the originals.


Back issues of Anarchist Network Newsletter (pdf)