Recently comrades have been translating Red and Black Notes articles into a variety of languages.

This is great. You do not need our permission to translate and republish our work. Obviously, appropriate credit to the author and Red and Black Notes is always appreciated, along with a link back to the original article

If you are doing a translation, we would love it if you could drop us a line to @RedBlackNotes on Twitter so that we can promote your work, and link to your translation from the original article.

We do not vouch for the accuracy of any translation. The editorial collective aren’t fluent in most of the languages our works are translated into.

We are particuarly interested in seeing Red and Black Notes content translated into Indonesian. If you speak fluent Indonesian and are interested in doing this work, please get in touch with the editorial collective on Twitter.

We may be in the position to pay a small bursary to support the translation of anarchist texts into Bahasa Indonesia.