AUKUS: a big step toward war

The Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group explain the significance of the new AUKUS partnership. Reproduced with permission. The AUKUS partnership announced on 16 September is a big step towards war against China. The centrepiece of its first initiative is the announcement by the Australian Government that it will buy eight nuclear […]

Understanding the right wing attack on the CFMEU

On Monday the 20th of September, a small gathering of nominally CFMEU Victoria members escalated into a riot and right-wing attack on the Union offices. Shop stewards and Organisers fought with rank and file members and the anti-vax rent-a-crowd. The CFMEU is nominally the most militant, powerful union in Australia. […]

A busy week for Anarchism in Geelong

by Geelong Anarchist Communists There are very few things that are more heartening to workers than involvement in organised class struggle. It reminds us all of our power, our inherent common goals, and our ability to affect change for the better, united as one. And, much like a muscle, the […]

Freedom for Palestine! Statement from Anarchist-Communist Groups in Oceania

Since the 19th century, the Zionist movement has waged brutal colonial war against Palestinian Arab society, nearly without pause. The recent attempted evictions in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of occupied East Jerusalem is only the latest in a long history of oppression and victimisation of the Palestinian working classes. On […]

Striking worker

Looking under the hood of the identity politics debate

It should go without saying that socialists are deeply interested in race, gender, sexuality and all the other innumerate social categories that exist in the capitalist system, beyond the fundamental class structure of proletariat and bourgeoisie. Virtually all socialists agree that they are of concern; the disagreements come elsewhere, and […]

Abolish ANZAC Day

ANZAC Day statement of the Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group. Reproduced with permission. A National Myth On 25 April 1915, Australian troops, accompanied by others from the British Empire, stormed a Turkish beach at Gallipoli. The landing didn’t go well and presaged a disastrous campaign that ended in Australian withdrawal in […]