Abolish ANZAC Day

ANZAC Day statement of the Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group. Reproduced with permission. A National Myth On 25 April 1915, Australian troops, accompanied by others from the British Empire, stormed a Turkish beach at Gallipoli. The landing didn’t go well and presaged a disastrous campaign that ended in Australian withdrawal in […]

Neither Trump nor Biden, but Workers Power

While Trumpism has networks of support amongst far-right white nationalists which Biden lacks, there is no doubt that the Democrats and Republicans are on a unity ticket when it comes to the agenda of deportation, privatisation, and war that creates the far right. The nature of this election cycle was […]

The Complicated History of the First Australian Internationalist

Radical history is littered with unknown people, anonymous figures who nevertheless – in their own modest ways – contributed to the development of socialism and the workers’ movement generally. Some were very important, others less so. An example of a man that falls into the latter category is William Edwell […]

What can anarchists do to organise within unions in Australia?

In order for anarchists to win the majority of working people over to the ideas of anarchism, it is sensible that they organise and propagandise in the most viable mass political organisations of the class: unions. This is not only because unions provide an immediate platform to conduct these arguments. […]

Anarchist Communist Political Economy and the Spanish Revolution

Political economy is the study of production and distribution of the material means necessary for society to function. Anarchist communism specifically advocates for a stateless, classless society featuring democratic control of the means of production, where goods are distributed by the principle “from each according to ability to each according […]