Wish List

A wish list of sources I’d love to locate as part of the Anarchism in Australia project.

This is not exhaustive. Basically if you have something relevant to the history of anarchism in Australia, I’m interested in it.

If you have documents that you would be prepared to let us copy, send us a copy, transcribe, or donate; contact us.

1. Journals / Newspapers / Zines / Periodicals

Seeking back issues or copies of the following publications.

  • Acracia, 1973 – ?
  • The Anarchist, newspaper, Brisbane, 1994. [According to this GLW article an anarchist newspaper that commenced publication in 1994, the collective included Bernadette Le Goullan, Terry Fisher and Brendan Greenhill.]
  • Anarchist, Sydney, 1987. [a microfiche at the La Trobe Library if anyone were keen].
  • Rising Free, newspaper, Sydney, 1976. [Four issues produced? Photos of at least two issues contained in Takver’s Anarchism in Sydney 1975-1981] Now online at Reason in Revolt, though Issue 1 still missing.
  • Brisbane Anarchist Newsletter, 1980. [According to Takver’s Anarchism in Sydney 1975-1981, “Since June 1980 5 issues of the Brisbane Anarchist Newsletter have been published”.]
  • News from Nowhere, Perth Freedom Collective, 1980s?. [Referred to in Takver’s Anarchism in Sydney 1975-1981]
  • Bootleg, 1979?, Perth [Referred to in Takver’s Anarchism in Sydney 1975-1981]
  • Free, newspaper, 1976, Libertarian Socialist Collective
  • Melbourne Black, issue 2, 2010. [all others issues successfully retrieved from archive.org]
  • Angry people, 1996?, Brisbane. [complained about in this GLW article].
  • Organise –to resist : paper of the Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation, Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation, 2000-2001. [Copies in SLV storage]
  • Get Out of Fitzroy!, 1973 [Copy of issue 3 in storage at SLV]
  • Libertarian, newspaper of the Brisbane S.M.G, advertised as 40c in 1976 issues of Rising Free.
  • Mabel, “Sydney feminist newspaper”, advertised in 1976 issues of Rising Free.

Copies of the following publications are located at Jura Books in Sydney, according to their catalogue. I would be forever grateful to any volunteers in Sydney who were able to carefully scan and send copies of any of the following.

  • Acracia, 1973 – ?
  • Affinity: Anarchist Quarterly, Melbourne, 1983-1984.
  • Anarchist Black Cross Australia, ?,
  • Anarchist, Sydney Anarchists, 1970-71,
  • Anarchist Network Newsletter, 1989-1991
  • Anarchist Review, Sydney Anarchist Group, 1959-1960
  • AS IF, Anarch-surrealist-insurrectionary-feminists, Melbourne, 1973.
  • Black Star, Anarchist Students Union Sydney, Sydney, 1987-1988
  • Circle A, Paper of the Anarchist Student Union Sydney,
  • Everything, Sydney, 1979-1985, Emma Whitehouse [also at State Library NSW].
  • Mutual Aid, Brisbane, ?
  • No Limits, Brisbane, ?
  • Sparks, Melbourne, 1986-1991

2. Pamphlets, Leaflets and other documents

  • Uranium – the prospects for Oppression
  • Interest Motivated Group: Writings of the Mutiny Collective 2003-2009, Mutiny Collective, 2009.
  • Politics of Human Liberation: Revolution Reassessed, Libertarian Socialist Organisation.

Items at the State Library of New South Wales, which if someone were to volunteer to visit, request and copy, I would be forever grateful.

Items at the National Library of Australia…

3. Groups / Organisations / Collectives

Seeking any and all documents / publications / leaflets etc by or about the following groups:

  • Angry People
  • Adelaide Anarchists C/o 25 Hart St Semaphore (ad in Rising Free No2, 1976)
  • Adelaide Anarchists, North Adelaide, 1978?
  • La Trobe University Anarchists, Melbourne, ?
  • Monash University Anarchists, Melbourne, 1978?
  • Perth Freedom Collective, Perth, 1977?
  • Collective Effort Press
  • Chummy Fleming Bookshop, Melbourne, ?
  • Red and Black Bookshop, Brisbane, 1980s?
  • Angry People, Brisbane, 1990s
  • Libertarian Prisoners Defense Group (ad in Rising Free No2, 1976)
  • Libertarian Socialist Organisation, Brisbane
  • Libertarian Socialist Federation, ?
  • Libertarian Socialist Collective, Brunswick, 1978?
  • Melbourne University Anarchists, 1975
  • Melbourne Anarchist Centre, 215 Victoria Parade, Collingwood. 19?
  • Melbourne Anarchists, PO Box 1045, North Richmond (ad in Rising Free No2, 1976)
  • Anarchist Black Cross (pre-1990s)
  • Wildcat Collective, 1999
  • Woodstock Anarchist Party, 1976, 34 Kennedy Terrace, Launceston (ad in Rising Free No2, 1976)
  • Woodstock Anarchist Party, 1976, PO Box 250 Jamison Centre (ad in Rising Free No2, 1976)