Rising Free: a paper of libertarian struggle (1976)

Uploaded as part of the Anarchism in Australia project.

Author: Various, Sydney Anarchist Group
Originally Published: March-June 1976
Retrieved from: Reason in Revolt.

From March to June 76 four issues of a monthly newspaper, Rising Free, were published. The paper folded through lack of distribution, lack of funds, and the alienating comments throughout the paper. While carrying some excellent articles it simultaneously derided our own politics through ‘in’ political jokes. The paper was in many senses an ego trip by certain individuals in SAG – the ‘chaotists’ or ‘carnival’ anarchists as they became known at the Melbourne conference.

John Englart, ‘Anarchism in Sydney 1975-1981’.

Three issues have been digitized at Reason in Revolt.

Cover of no 1, March 1976.

Rising Free, no. 1, March 1976.