Anarchist (1970) – Jack Grancharoff (ed)

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Author: Sydney Anarchists, Jack Grancharoff (ed.)
Originally Published: 1970
Retrieved from: Scans thanks to Dimitris.

(The) Anarchist was a short lived edited by Jack Grancharoff (see also: Red and Black: an anarchist journal) and purportedly published by the “Sydney Anarchists”. At least four issues are known to have been produced.

Anarchist, Number 1(?), November 1970
* Order or Anarchy, Murray Bookchin
* The Work of Daniel Guerin, Kenneth Maddock
* State and Revolution, Jack the Anarchist
* Anarchists & the October Revolution, S.N.J.

Anarchist, Number 3, January 1971
* Anarchy and Organisation, Murray Bookchin
* What is a good soldier, Jack London
* Notes on “Le gauchism” of Daniel and Gabriel Cohn bandits,
Kenneth Maddock
* Authority, Submission and Discipline, Claude Laporte