Kidz’ Corner Crossword


All good socialist groups must appeal to the youth, the lifeblood of the future. Despite this, there is not one socialist group in existence that publishes a regular childrens’ activities page in its press. How can these groups claim to represent the working class, when they ignore its easily bored progeny, allowing them to be ensnared by the bourgeois entertainment-propaganda machine and its razor trip-wires? We are proud to be the correctors of this world-historical error. To not do so is tacit acceptance of the hegemony of reactionary jackals like the swine Peppa Pig, the duplicitous Bananas in Pyjamas, and the fetid hound Bluey.


1. The 19th century Christian communist settlement Oneida forbid men from doing this, in order to protect women’s health
4. The place in northwestern Russia where tens of thousands of sailors, soldiers and workers launched the last major socialist challenge to the Bolshevik regime
6. This French ultraleft theorist refuses to bathe on the grounds that it is bourgeois
9. The trade union of these workers was the stronghold of anarchism in Moscow until it was forcibly dissolved by the Bolsheviks in 1920
10. Malatesta once travelled to Egypt to fight in a revolt led by this man against the British; he had to stop when he and his comrades got stuck in a muddy lake bed outside Alexandria
11. The 1915 conference of anti-war socialists in the Swiss village of Zimmerwald was organised under the guise of being a conference on this scholarly subject
14. Given to Mao by Pakistan as a diplomatic gift, this fruit became a highly sought-after decorative item during the Cultural Revolution
15. French syndicalist pioneer Emile Pouget credited the invention of go-slows to the natural laziness of the workers of this country
19. This socialist leader wrote the charter of the first Russian nudist club
20. This British Trotskyist group has at least once published incest-themed poetry written by its main theorist
21. Lebanese biscuit manufacturer whose factory was the site of the most intense worker struggles in Lebanon in the 1970s
22. Spartacist League leader Jim Robertson once described the Kurds as these
23. The real first name of the man in the top-right picture
2. Traditional home of anarchism in Italy; also known for its high quality marble
3. Spartacist League leader Jim Robertson once infamously described Albania as a nation of these at a party forum speech
5. One of the CNT’s most important early leaders, nicknamed “sugar boy” and assassinated by boss’ goons during the pistolerismo years
6. Britain’s most recognised avant-garde composer; became Maoist in the 60s and turned away from the avant-garde to create bad pop songs to uplift and inspire the masses
7. The early utopian socialist Charles Fourier believed that after communism was established, the oceans would lose their salinity and transform into this liquid
8. Based on the number of official guests, this socialist leader’s funeral was the largest in history until that of Pope John Paul II in 2005
10. Italy’s most important and longest lasting revolutionary syndicalist union has these initials
12. Together with Bakunin, this man was expelled from the First International at the Hague on trumped up charges of conspiracy
13. This Trotskyist leader believed strongly in the revolutionary potential of nuclear war, and to that end criticised Castro for not nuking the U.S.A. during the missile crisis
16. Kramer from Seinfeld was radicalised into becoming a communist whilst working in this position at a department store
17. Engels’ pet name for Marx
18. Initials of the Swedish syndicalist organisation; also a technical term in especifist doctrine
19. Name of the French watch-making firm that was taken over by its workers in the 1970s, one of the defining radical events of the period in that country