What can anarchists do to organise within unions in Australia?

In order for anarchists to win the majority of working people over to the ideas of anarchism, it is sensible that they organise and propagandise in the most viable mass political organisations of the class: unions. This is not only because unions provide an immediate platform to conduct these arguments. […]

Anarchist Communist Political Economy and the Spanish Revolution

Political economy is the study of production and distribution of the material means necessary for society to function. Anarchist communism specifically advocates for a stateless, classless society featuring democratic control of the means of production, where goods are distributed by the principle “from each according to ability to each according […]

David Graeber, 1961-2020

“It’s as if someone were out there making up pointless jobs just for the sake of keeping us all working.” So said Dr David Graeber, the esteemed American anthropologist who passed away on Wednesday 2 September, aged just 59. Graeber was born in New York on February 12, 1961, to […]

No war on China

The capitalist media in Australia are full of news and opinion designed to create fear and suspicion of China and its so-called “communist” government. To advance this agenda, many real and alleged instances of bad behaviour by Beijing are cited. This is having the desired effect. Public opinion is shifting […]

Facebook announce crackdown against anarchists

Social media giant Facebook today banned dozens of anarchist, anti-fascist and anti-capitalist pages after announcing a new crackdown against “anarchist groups that support violent acts”.  This crackdown against anarchists comes in the context of the largest uprising against police violence in the United States in a generation. United States President […]

From Lenin to Stalin: an introduction

In October, 1917 the Russian working class made history. The embryonic forms of workers’ democracy in the Soviets gave a landslide mandate to the Bolshevik Party, under a platform of “Peace, Bread and Land.” Acting swiftly and in conjunction with other revolutionaries, including many anarchists, the Bolsheviks captured the Winter […]

Anarchy in the Ukraine

Note: This article is a short summary of the revolution in the Ukraine, written to be introductory. Perhaps no other period of revolutionary activity has been as besmirched by historians both Liberal and Marxist alike. We highly recommend reading the Anarchist FAQ section on the Russian and Ukrainian revolutions, which […]

What do anarchists mean by ‘federalism’?

The concept of federalism is one that appears time and time again in anarchist literature and in anarchist activity, yet in the present day, it is rarely elaborated upon – at least in English. You’re more likely to hear people talk about “direct democracy”, “decentralisation”, “horizontalism” and other slightly different […]