Statement on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine is an extension of the human disaster that began many years ago – a product of years of political dictatorship, capitalist terror and geopolitical rivalries. It will predictably result in the deaths of many civilians, and the displacement of even more. Putin has taken this […]

Caricature of Proudhon by Honoré Daumier, 1849

The Poverty of Mick Armstrong’s Polemic

For Alexandre Skirda Published in the Summer 2022 edition of Socialist Alternative’s Marxist Left Review is Mick Armstrong’s incredible article “Property is sacred: How Proudhon moulded anarchism”. Whilst Socialist Alternative has published fairly unconvincing attacks on anarchism before, this one is by far the most significant of them all, both […]

A Covid Response Requires a Fighting Workers Movement

It is no secret that the COVID pandemic has been a disaster for people everywhere. Omicron has only exacerbated the crisis, though largely as a result of the State removing previous measures taken to contain the virus. The extent of the failure of both the Federal and State Governments to […]

“An Organisation of Militants” The Federación Anarquista Uruguaya

Author’s Note: A number of years ago I chanced upon a pamphlet, The Federación Anarquista Uruguaya; Crisis, Armed Struggle and Dictatorship 1967-1985, compiled by Paul Sharkey, at an anarchist bookfair. The contents were fairly interesting. Presented was an anecdotal, inconsistent history of an anarchist organisation in a small South American […]

Submarines & Imperialism

English original of a French translation, published in the December 2021 issue of Le Monde Libertaire. Based on correspondence between the author and French anarcho-syndicalist René Berthier. Daniel Rashid: I was curious, has there been much coverage of the AUKUS treaty in France and the diplomatic reaction to it? In […]

Class Power on Zero Hours: An Anarchist’s View

Angry Workers of the World (AWW) are a small communist collective based in London, influenced by Italian workerism and a wider array of socialist groups, like the original Solidarity (not to be confused with the Trotskyist Australian Solidarity), the women’s group Feminist Fightback and the German group Wildcat. For the […]

BOOK REVIEW: Insurrection by Agustin Guillamón

Agustín Guillamóns latest translated work “Insurrection: The Bloody Events of May 1937 in Barcelona” is a brilliant political history of the Stalinist and collaborationist-anarchist counter-revolution in Spain, and the last gasp of the proletarian rank-and-file resistance to it.  Originally published in Spanish in 2017, AK Press published the English translation […]

REVIEW: Workers Inquiry and Global Class Struggle

Review of “Workers Inquiry and global class struggle: strategies, tactics and objectives”, Richard Ovetz (ed), Pluto Press, 2020. With even the quickest, most cursory look out of our socially isolated windows, we can see the ways in which the world and the way it’s organised is an almost constant state […]

AUKUS: a big step toward war

The Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group explain the significance of the new AUKUS partnership. Reproduced with permission. The AUKUS partnership announced on 16 September is a big step towards war against China. The centrepiece of its first initiative is the announcement by the Australian Government that it will buy eight nuclear […]