From Lenin to Stalin: an introduction

In October, 1917 the Russian working class made history. The embryonic forms of workers’ democracy in the Soviets gave a landslide mandate to the Bolshevik Party, under a platform of “Peace, Bread and Land.” Acting swiftly and in conjunction with other revolutionaries, including many anarchists, the Bolsheviks captured the Winter […]

Anarchy in the Ukraine

Note: This article is a short summary of the revolution in the Ukraine, written to be introductory. Perhaps no other period of revolutionary activity has been as besmirched by historians both Liberal and Marxist alike. We highly recommend reading the Anarchist FAQ section on the Russian and Ukrainian revolutions, which […]

What do anarchists mean by ‘federalism’?

The concept of federalism is one that appears time and time again in anarchist literature and in anarchist activity, yet in the present day, it is rarely elaborated upon – at least in English. You’re more likely to hear people talk about “direct democracy”, “decentralisation”, “horizontalism” and other slightly different […]

Police are enemies of the labour movement

Since the murder of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis, there has been renewed discussion about police brutality around the world. Here in Australia, much of that conversation and activism has rightly focused on the abysmal record of racist policing and deaths in custody inflicted upon Aboriginal and Torres Strait […]

How should anarchists understand the “Accord 2.0?”

Bulletin #1. From the outset of the Covid-19 crisis, capitalists have been looking for a way to make workers pay for it. Across the Pacific in the United States, despite massive unemployment, billionaires are raking in more profit than ever. This is no different in Australia, where businesses are being […]

Vale Jack Mundey

Last night, 10 May 2020, Jack Mundey passed away in Concord hospital at the age of 90. He was cared for until the end by his wife, Judy. Mundey was a hero to many workers, once a leader of the radical NSW Builders Labourers Federation throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s. […]

On the gendered impact of the COVID19 lockdown

The following is the text of a talk presented at the Anarchist Communist discussion group on the current crisis on 27 April. In the early weeks of this pandemic, I remember scrolling through my newsfeed to a picture of some graffiti on a wall in Hong Kong. It read, “We […]

Interpreting Marx’s Theory of the State and Opposition to Anarchism

Though Marx intended to dedicate a volume of Capital to the question of ‘the State’, he died before he could even begin that work. We are, therefore, left to reconstruct the ‘Marxist theory of the state’ from scattered references littered throughout Marx and Engels’ collected works. My analysis investigates the […]

What can anarchists be doing right now?

Anarchists! Things are changing fast, and every day a new government announcement changes legislation. The cops have new powers to use indiscriminately, everyone is losing their jobs while our bosses are bailed out, people can’t pay rent and are being evicted while our government lines our landlord’s pockets – and  […]