Francesco Fantin and Italian anarchism in Australia

Francesco Giovanni Fantin was an Italian anarchist who migrated to Australia in 1924. Less than twenty years later, in November 1942, he was murdered by a fellow detainee in Interment Camp 14A, Loveday, South Australia. Born in 1901 in the small town of San Vito in Northern Italy, Francesco Fantins […]

Stuck in two swamps: a response to Mya Walmsley

Mya Walmsley’s recent article “The Ballot Box or the Streets?” is a welcome contribution to the present debate among Australian anarchists regarding elections. It would be incorrect to think of it as just being about elections, however; it is part of a general discussion regarding the general strategic perspective of […]

You are what you regularly do: socialists and elections

Earlier this week, the Socialist Alternative publication Red Flag carried a response from Jerome Small to Tommy Lawson’s piece in this publication, ‘Why do anarchists abstain from elections?‘. Jerome’s response to Tommy’s article was a measured, good-faith response to Tommy’s critique of Victorian Socialists and more specifically Socialist Alternative’s decision […]


Elements of Anarchist Theory and Strategy: an Interview with Felipe Corrêa

Interviewed by Mya Walmsley The steady revival of organized Anarchism in the anglosphere has led to a re-engagement with the fundamental strategic questions of Anarchism. In what way should a revolutionary organization be structured? How should a revolutionary organization struggle for reforms? What role does the revolutionary organization play in […]

Lest we forget…

“there was another kind of heroism besides that of the Anzacs — the heroism of men who were brave enough not to fight, who faced the full scorn of public opinion, and in many cases went to gaol because of their opposition to militarism in their own country. It is […]

Why do anarchists abstain from elections?

The following is a slightly edited version of a talk given to a panel hosted by Socialist Unity and Geelong Anarchist Communists in March, 2022. The topic of the panel was ‘should socialists participate in elections,’ however the idea was first posited as to discuss why anarchists do not run […]