Red and Black Notes is an attempt at offering an anarchist communist perspective on current issues and events.

“Let slip no favorable opportunity to point up the incompetence, hypocrisy and class self-interest of existing governments, as well as the vicious and noxious character of governmental rule.”

– Peter Kropotkin, ‘The Anarchist Idea’,
in Daniel Guérin, No Gods No Masters, p.279

Anarchism is a political tradition that fights for a self-managed, socialist and stateless society, in which all contribute freely according to ability, and through which all have full access to the material basis for pursuing their individual and collective fulfillment.

In this libertarian socialist society, individual freedom is harmonized with communal obligations through cooperation, directly democratic decision making and social and economic equality. Economic production would occur under worker self-management, and would be coordinated within a system of participatory decentralised planning, that would be directed to meet human needs within ecological limits, rather than to generate private profit.

Libertarian socialism can only be created by the class struggle of the vast majority of society (the working class) against the tiny minority that currently rule. The existing ruling class will never freely surrender power. The achievement of libertarian socialism requires revolution.

A successful revolution will require that anarchist ideas become the leading ideas within the working class. This will not happen spontaneously. Anarchists must work to make our ideas the leading ideas or, as it is sometimes expressed, to become a “leadership of ideas”.

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COVER IMAGE: Anarchists march on the streets of Barcelona, 1936, during the Spanish Revolution.